Category: Blog By Benjamin Morris, Ogun COO

The frustrated generation craving digitalisation in the construction industry

Posted On 19 March, 2019

OPINION It is now widely accepted that the construction industry faces a specific set of challenges. It currently hugely underperforms against the average global productivity - [...]

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Real people are suffering real problems at the jobsite: Why?

Posted On 26 February, 2019

OPINION Startups and job sites are unexpectedly alike... Once I heard that a construction project is like a startup. I agree with that statement in many ways. [...]

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“The dinosaurs of our industry have not been wiped out by the BIM asteroid with the speed at which we all hoped”

Posted On 9 November, 2018

OPINION In nearly every area of our lives, our desires can be actioned with a single click of a button. We have apps that can call [...]

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