Ogun App

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Take control of your projects

Is it possible to access and manage the calendar, information, messages, photos, documents of all my sites in one tool?

Can I keep my team connected and coordinated in the different sites or jobs I am working on?

With Ogun APP all this is possible. Watch our video.

A tool very simple to use

Learning Ogun App will take you less than 10min.

If you have used a messaging system, or a calendar, you are ready to go. You will see how easy it is.

Watch our video.

The Best Tool To Manage The Execution Of Your Projects


Ogun App is an easy-to-use, intuitive and complete tool. In a practical and simple way you can manage all the sites you are working on independently.

Create a profile with just your phone number and start using it.

The sites are managed independently, adding the people of your team or to the collaborators that you choose.

For each site created you will have all the information organized, updated and coordinated with the people involved.

With this app you will have the most effective support to organize your works as well as the best way to communicate quickly and efficiently with your team.

and the desktop version is coming

It is a matter of few weeks and the desktop version will be ready for you to use.

It will have the same functionality but with the ease of being adapted to a computer:
- Full size calendar to arrange your events.
- Updates and messages section very similar to WhatsApp Web.
- Drag and drop files from your computer.

Get ready, it is coming...

Keep all your sites and projects ORGANIZED at all times

Create as many sites and jobs as you need, there is no limit and manage each one independently.

Include in each site only the people who will be part work team.

Introduce the relevant information. Participants can view, change and add information at all times.

Once the work is finished, you file it. The information will not be lost.

PLAN AND MANAGE your works seamlessly

Each of the members of a project can create TASKS, deliveries of SUPPLIERS, notify the ISSUES that arise and create REMINDERS.

Complete the information by taking PHOTOS and uploading the DOCUMENTS that you need, these will be archived wherever you choose.

All this will be reflected in the CALENDAR of the work, where you can manage all the actions and events that arise or those that are planned.


All the sites have an updated activity summary, where you can check and follow all the changes that are being made.

It also has a chat classified by send where to can send instant messages, images, files, etc. to all project members.

With just one application it is possible to keep the entire team connected and informed at all times, without using another tool.

If You Are A Construction Professional, This Is Your APP

At Ogun we have designed this tool so that all those professionals involved in the execution of a construction project can work in coordination and execute their work more efficiently.

From now on, painters, electricians, metal carpenters, all types of assemblers and installers as well as construction managers, operators and office clerks already have the tool that will allow them to manage their works.

and how much is it?

We have a plan for each use.
*prices excluding applicable VAT.


  • Full connectivity between members
  • No limit on active sites nor items
  • Limited space for photos and files


  • All features in BASIC
  • 10 Gb storage for photos and files