Easing construction’s age-old challenges through technology

Posted On 25 March, 2019

CONSTRUCTION UK MAGAZINE Read about Ogun in Construction UK Magazine's April 2019 issue.

Ogun transforms construction industry with cloud-based platform for project planning and supplier integration

Posted On 20 March, 2019

OFFICIAL RELEASE Ogun began as an innovative solution to construction’s pain points and evolved into a streamlined project management tool with [...]

The frustrated generation craving digitalisation in the construction industry

Posted On 19 March, 2019

OPINION It is now widely accepted that the construction industry faces a specific set of challenges. It currently hugely underperforms against [...]

Real people are suffering real problems at the jobsite: Why?

Posted On 26 February, 2019

OPINION Startups and job sites are unexpectedly alike... Once I heard that a construction project is like a startup. I agree with [...]

“The dinosaurs of our industry have not been wiped out by the BIM asteroid with the speed at which we all hoped”

Posted On 9 November, 2018

OPINION In nearly every area of our lives, our desires can be actioned with a single click of a button. We [...]