OGUN – Subscribing PLUS PLAN

In order to properly complete the payment, you need to:

  1. Verify the selected plan in the dropdown.
  2. Select how many phone numbers you want to include in the plan using the Subscription quantity field below (you can include up to 9 numbers). You will be charged according to this quantity.
  3. Write the E-mail address where you want to receive the confirmation of the subscription.
  4. Write the phone numbers in the PHONE NUMS fields below separated by commas. Please remember to include the country prefix (i.e. +34609112454,+34635828020).
  5. Select your Country so the correct VAT is applied.
  6. Include your VAT ID if you need an invoice.
  7. Provide a correct Coupon code to get a discount on your first invoice.
  8. Complete the rest of the form, including your credit card details.

If you don’t have a credit card enabled for online payments, or prefer to use another payment method, please write to us at app@ogun.io

Apply a coupon for a discount to your subscription
Payment details
Setup fee  
Subscription plan  
Coupon discount (%s)  
VAT (21%)  


Please before clicking Subscribe, check the final amount that will be charged in the Payment Details.

If you have any doubt about subscribing the plans, you can always contact us at app@ogun.io

You will be able to unsubscribe at any time, just by sending an email to unsubscribe-plan@ogun.io