What is Ogun?

OGUN is a platform specifically designed to improve the coordination and communication of construction/installation teams in a simple and intuitive way.

Probably a co-worker has added you to a site created in Ogun.

  • 1

    Download Ogun APP

  • Log in

    Use your phone number and the temporary password you have received by SMS. Maybe your colleague sent it to you also by WhatsApp or email.


  • 3

    Complete your profile

    The system will ask you to create a new password, and to fill in your profile data.

  • Access the shared site

    Accept the invitation to the site.


  • 5

    Ready to go

    You can start collaborating with your colleagues right away.

Do you want to quickly learn how to use Ogun? Check our videos

Any problem along the way? Write to us and will answer as soon as possible