Meet the Startup Digitalising Construction

At Ogun, we know the construction industry. We got our start when a team of steelworkers, architects and designers decided that enough was enough. Technology has made our lives easier than ever before, and it was time for the construction industry to catch up.

We have experienced your struggles: too many phone calls and emails, too much time wasted on last-minute changes on-site. We want more productivity, more efficiency, and more visibility of construction and refurbishment sites.

So we created the Ogun App: a simple tool to help small construction companies and sub contractors manage their Deliveries, Issues and Tasks. From setting a reminder that a task needs to be done – to taking a picture of a delivery note and the administrator getting an instant notification – the tool does what you need it to in a easy-to-use mobile app.

In the end, Ogun evolved into a beautiful, user-friendly tool to make your job easier.

The Ogun Team