What is Ogun?

Ogun is a collaborative platform for construction sites to manage their planning, suppliers, files and discussion.


At the heart of Ogun is an informative yet simple planning tool, giving individual insight to each element, structure or area of the project. Supplier information can be integrated directly into the planning to ensure that you are kept totally up-to-date with your project’s progress.

All integrated suppliers can be managed from directly within Ogun. Enquiries, orders, deliveries and associated paperwork are all available at the touch of a button. Even if your suppliers are not yet fully integrated they can be invited to participate in your Ogun project, upload files, contribute to discussions and receive orders..

Ogun can also manage all of your files, communications, teams, invoices and suppliers. We have combined this with flexible tagging and a powerful search function so that you are always in control. Guests can be added to ensure that all of your contractors and partners have the access that you want them to have, but nothing more.