Ogun for Construction Companies Constructed to streamline the way you work

Ogun for Construction Companies

Project Management & File Tracking: All in One Place

Ogun offers construction project planning and a place to monitor and communicate with all your suppliers.

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Project Management Tool Features

Tired of last-minute changes on-site?

Increase efficiency with our collaborative, user-friendly platform.

Intuitive & beautiful planning tool

Organise your construction sites with an easy-to-use planning tool which consolidates order, delivery and progress information. Manage conversations and project milestones.

Realtime supplier updates

Integrate your on-site planning with your suppliers’ systems to ensure that your project has the materials it needs when it needs them. Monitor all supplier conversations for easier order tracking and on-time updates.

Project organisation

Manage your files, communications, teams, invoices and suppliers. A flexible tagging solution and powerful search function make sure you are always in control. Invoices are connected to suppliers, so you won't lose another one again.

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