About Us Meet the startup focused on seamless integration of construction teams and suppliers

About Us

Meet the Startup Digitalising Construction

At Ogun, we know the construction industry. We got our start when a team of steelworkers, architects and designers decided that enough was enough. Technology has made project management easier than ever before, and it was time for the construction industry to catch up.

We have experienced your struggles: too many phone calls and emails, too much time wasted on last-minute changes on-site. We want more productivity, more efficiency, and more visibility of site planning and suppliers.

So we created the Ogun platform: a place for construction companies to manage projects with ease and for suppliers to manage orders. We started with a simple design – a Gantt chart to manage all your project details. Then we added communication and organization tools and made it easy for suppliers to showcase their products.

In the end, Ogun evolved into a beautiful, user-friendly tool to make your job easier.

Ignasi, Ben, Mariusz, & the Ogun team

Ogun was Built on 3 Pillars

Ogun is a collaborative platform for the construction industry.
Construction sites can manage their planning, suppliers, files and discussions.
Suppliers can manage their catalogues, orders and deliveries.


At the heart of Ogun is an informative and comprehensive planning tool, creating visibility for each element and area of your project. Supplier information is integrated directly into the planning to ensure that you are kept totally up-to-date with your project’s progress.


All integrated suppliers can be managed directly within Ogun. Enquiries, orders, deliveries and associated paperwork are all available in a user-friendly platform. Construction teams can invite suppliers to participate in projects for seamless order and delivery management.


Ogun organises all of your teams, communications, files and delivery notes. Combined with flexible tagging and a powerful search function, you are always in control. Invite team members and suppliers to your projects while maintaining total visibility over access and project coordinations.

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