The experience with Ogun App according to our users

Ogun App has just completed six months since it was released at the end of last December. It has been a few intense months of hard work in which we have finally been able to bring that vision that one day we had to the hundreds of installers, carpenters, electricians, builders, architects, etc. who already have our application to manage their projects.

From its conception and throughout the development process, the collaboration of users has been invaluable. Who better than those who use it on a daily basis to guide us and help us create an application that responds to the real needs of construction, renovation or installation professionals.

At the moment we already have a huge amount of feedback such as Sergio, who leads a masonry crew and comments that “since we downloaded the application, we are much better organized, I no longer allow to start a new site without using this application ” For his side Mike one of the three partners of a glassware believes that “we do many works at the same time, before information was always lost, now we are much more efficient in our work“.

One of the greatest advantages of the Ogun App is the possibility of segmenting communication between the participants of a site in a much easier and more useful way than with traditional chats. In this regard, Alex, a technical architect who uses it to coordinate several people in different projects, comments that “before we used WhatsApp, but the possibility of segmenting the chats offered by the Ogun App makes it much easier for us to establish proper communication, and with all the information under control“.

Before, we used several applications to manage a project, but now, with your application, we only need to use one“, says John, manager of a little construction company. For Andy, an electrical installer, “we have never used an application in our work, but a colleague recommended Ogun App, we tested it and we have not stopped using it”.

The entire Ogun team continues to work so that people like Joe, a solar panel installer, continue to think that “it is the best application to manage projects that we have tested“.

For us, this is only the beginning. Over the next few months, we will be releasing new updates that will continue to improve the application’s performance. Thank you all very much because without your help Ogun App would not be possible.