Ogun transforms construction industry with cloud-based platform for project planning and supplier integration


Ogun began as an innovative solution to construction’s pain points and evolved into a streamlined project management tool with supplier integration

BARCELONA, SPAIN — 18 February 2019—Today Ogun Construction Technologies S.L. joined the construction technology space with the launch of its web-based platform. Ogun connects construction projects and their suppliers for all-in-one project management and materials orders. The platform addresses the core industry problems with planning visibility, from internal communications to supplier delivery coordination. Construction sites can manage their planning, suppliers, files, and discussions. Suppliers can manage their catalogues, orders, and deliveries. Ogun has already been tested by key companies across the U.K. and Spanish construction markets.

Every year, the global construction industry misses out on $1.6 trillion of added value through reduced productivity. McKinsey Global Institute[1] has reported that productivity could be improved by more than 30% with visibility over on-site execution and supply-chain management.

“At its core, Ogun links construction companies with suppliers, filling a major gap in the construction industry,” said Benjamin Morris, civil engineer and Chief Operating Officer of Ogun. “Construction has long awaited a digital solution which really targets and addresses its pain points. We hope to help the construction industry with a tool offering ease of use, supplier integration, improved communication and visibility.”

The problems facing the construction industry are widespread and common. Construction companies lack simple-to-use and connected project management tools. Suppliers rarely have enough visibility on delivery requirements, and paperwork can be difficult to manage, causing payment delays. All leads to last-minute changes and too many phone calls.

“With Ogun, we are able to provide system-to-system integration with every single one of our customers’ projects,” said John Collins, Managing Director at BRC Ltd, the largest rebar supplier in the U.K. “Edits can be made to schedules and call-offs within Ogun, sending orders directly into our system. This eliminates the PDF schedules and back-and-forth email chains that create mistakes. No other system we’ve tried allows us to provide this connection to our customers.”

Ogun is backed by several Family Offices and has funding to support the launch strategy and beginning of traction growth. During the second half of 2019, Ogun will actively seek new investors to meet its ambitious goals for construction’s digital transformation in 2020 and beyond.

Construction companies can manage projects through a user-friendly, Gantt-style chart, uploading their programme from any of the leading project management tools. Suppliers can upload their products to an online catalogue to promote sales.

“Ogun was developed by a team of engineers, architects, and designers as the solution to a problem we have all experienced within the construction industry,” said Ignasi Salvador, civil engineer, serial entrepreneur, and CEO of Ogun. “We talked to hundreds of construction companies and suppliers with the same pain points. Ogun is a user-first digital solution, so we developed a platform that helps our users manage their projects and suppliers in one place. Ogun enhances site visibility for all.”

How construction companies benefit:

Intuitive planning tool: Organise construction sites with an easy-to-use tool which consolidates relevant order, delivery, and progress information.

Realtime supplier updates: Integrate on-site planning with suppliers’ systems to ensure on-time deliveries.

Project organisation: Manage files, discussions, and invoices, tracking changes for total visibility.

How suppliers benefit:

Supplier directory: Create a searchable profile for new customers to find.

Online product and service catalogues: Upload product catalogues which all construction companies within Ogun can order from in just a few clicks. Order and delivery management: Share order information and move delivery dates, attaching details directly to customers’ planning schedules.


Ogun is now available in English and Spanish versions. It is 100% web-based with no downloads required. For a free trial, go to https://id.ogun.io/account/register.

About Ogun:

Since its inception in 2017, Ogun Construction Technologies S.L. has focused on simple digital solutions for the construction industry. Ogun is a web-based platform which integrates construction sites and their planning with suppliers and their systems. It hosts projects, files, and discussions as an all-in-one digital solution for project management. Ogun is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. For more information, visit https://ogun.io/en/, or follow Ogun on Twitter @ogun_io and LinkedIn.

[1] Barbosa, F., Woetzel, J., Mischke, J., Joao Ribeirinho, M., Sridhar, M., Parsons, M., . . . Brown, S. (2017, February). Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution. Retrieved from McKinsey Global Institute website: https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/capital-projects-and-infrastructure/our-insights/reinventing-construction-through-a-productivity-revolution