“The dinosaurs of our industry have not been wiped out by the BIM asteroid with the speed at which we all hoped” By Benjamin Morris, Ogun COO


In nearly every area of our lives, our desires can be actioned with a single click of a button. We have apps that can call taxis, order food, find dates, rent rooms, teach us to cook and show off to our friends.

Disruptive and digitalised forces are changing the landscapes of the most ingrained and vital industries, yet construction, the exoskeleton of our society, is at the bottom of nearly every innovation, digitalisation and productivity ranking

These facts do not require a Sherlockian level of detective work, as each and every BIM expert’s opening slide for the last five years is testament to. BIM itself is still only threatening the sure benefits that it is destined to bring and the dinosaurs of our industry have not been wiped out by the BIM asteroid with the speed at which we all hoped. 

One-off projects have proven the benefits of true collaboration but these are few and far between.

However, in July 2017 Balfour Beatty announced “a collaborative UK Strategic Design Consultant Partnership” with Atkins, WSP and Mott McDonald, a move designed to revolutionise the way that contractor and designer work together. Surely this represents a movement in the right direction and it will be interesting to the see the reaction of the UK construction industry. 

Less progress has been made on the interaction between suppliers and contractors. Squeezed margins and the focus on cost instead of value has ensured that the latter is not always created. Construction material suppliers are working hard to innovate and differentiate but they are not always given the opportunity to gain from these added value initiatives.

Within this landscape we saw an opportunity to create Ogun, a collaborative platform for construction sites to manage their planning, suppliers, files and discussions.

Ogun is designed to manage your suppliers and the materials that are vital to your project by creating a space for your entire supply chain to have managed discussions. Designers can upload specifications and designs to be approved, which can seamlessly be forwarded to the supplier. Orders can be sent directly into suppliers’ systems or chosen from their catalogues, all from within the Ogun platform. Call-offs and deliveries can all be managed within the cloud-based tool to ensure that all of the documents and notifications can be kept in one place.

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Benjamin Morris, Ogun COO

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